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29 January, 2019

Club Moorings

The Club currently has 136 swinging moorings in the main block all classified as Band C moorings for mooring licence purposes.  There are a further 7 moorings on a new trot laid in 2007 which are classified as Band D moorings for mooring licence purposes and 11 deepwater moorings on the far side of the North Channel that are classified as Band E moorings for mooring licence purposes.  We also now have a number of fore and aft moorings for catamarans and larger dinghies near the club.

The Committee has taken the decision to offer only summer season moorings from 2018 season onwards, ie. 1st April to 31st October only.  Members must remove their boats from their moorings at the end of this season please, by 1st October, or as close to as possible. Most boat owners only have swing moorings boat insurance for the summer season.

The Club's many outhaul and swinging tender moorings are allocated by the Moorings Officer,  who runs the tenders waiting list. Members who  require a tender mooring should contact the Moorings Officer directly.

All enquiries regarding any of the boat moorings including allocation, moves, correct mooring systems, maintenance and volunteering for mooring working parties should be addressed to the Moorings Officer. Without sufficient volunteers to assist in the moorings maintenance schedule, more of the work might have to be undertaken by a contractor, increasing everyone's' mooring fees.


There is a range of work to suit all volunteers. Its not all chain work.


The Moorings Officer can be contacted via email on