North Haven Yacht Club - ( Moorings Available )



Last updated

14 March, 2019

This area is for the use of the members of North Haven Yacht Club only


bulletYou will need an ID and password to access the Club's CCTV camera and this information can be obtained from the Club Secretary.  You must not be pass the access details on to non-members. 
bulletMembers should use the system for as short a time as possible to allow other members access to the system
bulletThe camera will automatically return to its home position looking over the Club's moorings after a short period of inactivity.
bulletPrivacy areas have been set up to block the view of adjacent properties
bulletWhen initially accessing the system you may be prompted to download additional software to allow the browser to display the streamed video.
bulletThe camera can also be accessed via Smartphones using either Android or Apple operating system phones or by tablets

See the link below for further instructions on setting up the various viewing options.


bulletClub CCTV Access